Lesson 24
A Day to Remember

1. What and what were the first day?

Genesis 1:5

2. What and what were the second day?

Genesis 1:8

3. From when unto when shall ye celebrate your Sabbath?

Leviticus 23:32

4. "Even" meant when the sun did what?

Mark 1:32

5. At what time of day were the gates of Jerusalem shut for the Sabbath?

Nehemiah 13:19

6. It is lawful to do what on the Sabbath days?

Matthew 12:12

7. God tells me that I am to turn away from doing what on His holy day?

Isaiah 58:13

8. The Sabbath is called what three things?

Isaiah 58:13

9. I shall honor Him not doing what three things on that day?

Isaiah 58:13

10. Then what promise is given?

Isaiah 58:14

11. What are the first six days of the week called?

Ezekiel 46:1

12. What are we not to do on the Sabbath?

Exodus 20:10

The rest of the verse indicates that we are not to employ others to do secular work for us on the Sabbath either.

13. What about in harvest time or in other times when there is much urgent work to be done?

Exodus 34:21

14. What instructions illustrate how certain household details are not to be taken care of during the Sabbath hours?

Exodus 35:3

15. What is Friday called which indicates that all cooking and cleaning for the Sabbath is to be done the day before?

Luke 23:54; Mark 15:42

16. What did Nehemiah say to those who purchased food and wares from merchants on the Sabbath?

Nehemiah 13:16, 17

17. What are we not to forsake?

Hebrews 10:25

18. The Sabbath of rest is for an holy what?

Leviticus 23:3

The Hebrew word used here means, "A public meeting...assembly, calling, reading." (Strong’s Concordance)

19. What did Jesus say about where there are only two or three gathered together in His name?

Matthew 18:20

20. The ruler of the synagogue was indignant because Jesus had done what on the Sabbath day?

Luke 13:14

21. In reply, Jesus declared that those whom Satan has bound may be what on the Sabbath?

Luke 13:16

In following our Lord’s example, we may find many ways on the Sabbath day to loose others from Satan’s bonds, bringing encouragement to the lonely, and hope to those in need of comfort and cheer. Some suggestions may be found in Matthew 25:35-40.

22. The Sabbath is to remind us of what?

Genesis 2:1, 2

Through nature, we may be brought closer to our Creator on the Sabbath day. As a weekly memorial of God’s perfect creation, the Sabbath hours may be appropriately spent in a contemplation of His handiwork, as well as in communion with Him through Bible study and prayer.

23. What has the Lord said about those who can’t wait for the Sabbath to be over?

Amos 8:5, 7

24. What will we do in the Lord’s day?

Psalm 118:24

25. God’s blessing is upon those who do what?

Isaiah 56:2

26. In the earth made new, how often will all flesh come to worship before the Lord?

Isaiah 66:22, 23

In the Light of God’s Word...

I understand that the Sabbath is 24 hours of holy time which is not to be used for secular purposes.

I choose to keep the Sabbath as God has outlined, and receive the blessing He has promised.

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