Table of Contents

Preface: From the Author

Chapter 1: The Times We Live In

Chapter 2: The Beast Identified

Chapter 3: The Vision Repeated in the New Testament

Chapter 4: The Image to the Beast

Chapter 5: Babylon the Great Harlot

Chapter 6: Dwelling Place of the Father's Seal

Chapter 7: The Mark of Apostasy

Chapter 8: Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath (Clearing Away the Rubbish of Tradition)

Chapter 9: The Sanctuary (A Glimpse into the Judgment Hall of God)

Chapter 10:The Entire Christian Dispensation in Types and Figures

Chapter 11: Thy People Shall Be Delivered (An Illustration of Christ's Soon Appearing)

Appendix A: The Bible Outlawed

Appendix B: Seven Heads

Appendix C: Roger Williams Leads the Way for Our Constitution

Appendix D: Christ and the Law

Appendix E: Three Schools of Prophetic Reckoning

Appendix F: The Time of the Judgment (When It Begins and Its Order of Events)

Appendix G: Confessions of Faith on God's Law

Appendix H: Heralds of the Judgment

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